- building leadership that makes a difference

Integrating Services: Expert Leadership & Change Management in Carmarthenshire

Service: design and deliver an expert leadership

& change management programme for leaders integrating services in W Wales



The programme was evaluated (internally, plus independent evaluator):

-  High level of engagement, including the uncertain, who became actively engaged - 100% found it “helpful, useful and stimulating”

-  100% want the programme rolled out to other senior and middle leaders and managers

-  “Very high relevance” to present challenges at work.  17 gave specific examples – after the event - how it applied to their work

-  Gained sharp, honest shared insights into present level of integration

-  Solutions were found to specific integration issues in Carmarthenshire

-  Gained a clear and specific development agenda for integration.

Local authorities have flexibility in organising services for children in Wales. Carmarthenshire chose to integrate its services. They wanted to accelerate  integration by building the leadership and change management capability of senior leaders in CAMHS, health, education, care, youth, IT, voluntary services etc.    


In consultation with Carms, rezolvPS designed and delivered a 2 day workshop for senior leaders focusing upon:

  • leadership thinking and leadership dilemmas;
  • practical leadership in real contexts;
  • the challenge to professionals of being child-focused;
  • the ability to influence teams and bring about change;
  • the systems and procedures in Carmarthenshire;
  • measures and accountabilities.

The programme was conducted bilingually (Welsh & English).


“Best and most productive 2 days I have spent in a very long time!”

“I just wish all staff could be on board with this vision and change process”

“The planning and talking tool has saved me a whole year of work!”

It has made me question the way I manage the separate elements of my organisation”

“The framework and levers system will help me significantly in my strategic planning across the agencies.”

“Outside facilitation and such a holistic approach is a valuable catalyst – would it have happened without something like this?”