Case studies of transforming....

These case studies show what we have done with different clients. 

They give you:

  • an overview of the context;
  • a snapshot of what we did and the impact;
  • a quotation -  what the clients think!

Case Studies

  • Turn a range of different professionals into a single, high-performing team focused upon quality assurance – Manchester City Council
  • Build a positive breakthrough culture in Education, Leisure and Youth Services – Denbighshire Council
  • Facilitate Council leadership team as it clarifies strategy, operation and its new corporate role – Conwy Council
  • Enable the staff of a large and successful secondary school to overcome a barrier to morale and raise their impact – Llantarnam Secondary School
  • Design and deliver an expert leadership & change management programme to integrate services in W Wales – Carmarthenshire
  • Refocus council SEN provision around the Every Child Matters agenda – Rotherham
  • Enable leaders of public, private and voluntary sector settings to work together to enable lifelong learning for all – Rotherham Council
  • Enable leaders from different agency and professional backgrounds to lead an integrated service of Children’s Centres  - Rotherham
  • Build clarity for leaders on joined-up delivery of Blackpool’s Early Years vision for children and families - Blackpool
  • Enable leaders of public, private and voluntary sector settings to work together to raise impact in early years in Barnsley.
  • Transform senior leadership in Swindon Borough Council and build a strategy to serve the community - Swindon
  • Enable leaders from different agencies and professions to transform a children’s integrated disability service - Flintshire Council
  • Facilitate leaders from a range of community and professional backgrounds to work together for children and young people – NCSL
  • Design and deliver a change process that will place families at the centre of delivery of services for families across Blackpool.
  • Enable the Primary Strategy Consultant Leaders to have their highest impact for children - Rotherham
  • Enable a School Improvement Service to gain highest impact for children and the Council – Ceredigion
  • Deliver leadership development to extend ability to influence the use of Welsh across Wales - Welsh Language Board
  • Transform an SEN school identified as “Causing Special Concern” to "outstanding" Green Arbour, now The Willows
  • Consulting with children and young people - Tower Hamlets
  • Build a confident, world-class early years team focused upon quality - Oldham
  • Direct quotations taken, unaltered, from Manchester participants’ written evaluations (with permission).  They are presented as written, with authorship indicated. 

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