- building leadership that makes a difference

Case Studies: Conwy County Council

Service: support a Council leadership team as it clarifies strategy,

operation and its new corporate role


In the Director’s words, the programmes achieved the agreed objectives:

- "shared clarity over role and responsibility of the management team, including commitment to a corporate and departmental role:

- shared clarity and team commitment to the strategic destination of education services within economic/ demographic context;

- innovative ways to empower schools and raise outcomes for children"


With high ambition for the children of Conwy, the Education Leadership Team faced dilemmas.  Despite highest quality inputs, Conwy learners were gaining average academic achievement.  Managing an education service and fulfilling the growing corporate dimension placed conflicting demands on a small team.  Shared clarity was needed over future vision, strategy and role given falling student numbers and budget - and the need to collaborate with other counties.



Using rezolvPS strategic leadership processes, leaders were able to:

- genuinely address present reality and the contradiction of inputs v. performance;

- with executive coaching, build personal clarity and commitment to a role that embraced the whole Council;

- clarify future vision for services for children together with other agencies and launch a new approach to the leverage of change in schools;

- create a high level of team unity and drive for change.



Geraint James, Director, said of this work with rezolvPS


 rezolvPS has enabled us to articulate and communicate strategic direction throughout the organisation.” 


“A practical and useful process for drawing a group of individual thinkers and managers together to form a powerful management unit.”