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Case Studies: Haywood School and Community, Herefordshire

Service: developing leadership within a community

The coaching process had a fundamental effect on the leaders.  Whilst their previous interest in the community was undisputed, the process enabled them to focus their commitment to engaging the community. 


One gained a life-shaping insight into the perception of children which led her to reformulate her strategy in leading the schools in her area.  Another gained personal clarity and commitment that bettered the community – and got her an exciting new job.  Yet another reconstructed his own role in influencing and leading the Council and community, gaining recognition for his ability to ask for much and inspire them to achieve it. 



Consultation with children showed that the key intervention needed in order to improve children’s lives and learning lay in engaging the community.  A small number of key individuals wished to take this role and needed support to develop appropriate leadership approaches.



The rezolv process enables individuals to clarify what really counts for them and their communities and then focus upon achieving it. 


Key individuals – a County Councillor, leader of an Excellence in Cities cluster, a Minister and a local secondary headteacher – were involved in a challenging series of personal coaching and development.


In one-to-one coaching sessions each person grappled with the personal challenge of leading the community for children.  In intervening periods, they engaged in assignments that enabled them to reformulate what they wish to achieve and discover new motivation to achieve it.