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Case Study:  Leaders collaborate for children in Barnsley

Service: enable leaders of public, private and voluntary sector settings to work together to raise impact in early years in Barnsley.



-  18 key leaders established a common entitlement for all children in Barnsley, to which they were all committed, irrespective of setting

-  2 key areas for action were identified which could only be achieved together

Leaders then implemented the change across Barnsley – in cross setting teams!

-  Deep understanding and relationships were formed, leaving a sustainable legacy far beyond the six months of the programme

-  Settings have seen improvements for children through better communication and child-centred transition

-  The action designed and piloted above is being rolled-out across the Borough

-  Leaders have committed to the action-based approach to leadership fostered and led by rezolvPS - placing children and families at the centre.


Provision for children in the early years in the Barnsley area shows great variety, with a range of private, public and voluntary settings.  Barnsley wanted to raise tangibly the provision by enabling the leaders of different agencies and providers to work together, building sustainable relationships that impact on children.


rezolvPS designed and delivered a six month process involving:

building joint understanding and challenging leaders (residential)

raising and agreeing expectations for children in all settings

strategy formulation labs

identifying key areas for change which could only be achieved together

mandate process© enabling strategic and operational leaders to plan & deliver change

delivering change, celebrating success

dissemination with Council leaders


“One vision – carrying forward all the different settings.” Kathryn Goulding

“It levelled us out. There was no difference between playgroup people and teachers or heads. Excellent dynamics. Leadership from the bottom up.” Sheila Waddington

I’m clear what needs to be changed and how to get it. I remember what we learnt on the conference about Woolworths; to be effective you’ve got to change, reinvent roles. We must reinvent, rather than just do what’s always been done.” Vicky Murray