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Case Study:  A Joined-up Early Years Service for Blackpool

Service: to build clarity for leaders as individuals and as a team on joined-up delivery of Blackpool’s vision for children and families 



The leaders

  • enjoyed building a shared understanding together of what the “joined-up” early years service meant – both individually and as a team;
  • identified Tthekey steps on the journey of strategic change that they would deliver across the Borough – achievable by working together; 
  • developed their capacity to influence others and ensure commitment to the vision and implementation of improved outcomes for children and families.

Pioneers in Every Child Matters, Blackpool Council wished to ensure that key leaders across a range of services (social services, health, Surestart, education, voluntary and private sector) understood what joined-up delivery of services for early years children meant for them as individuals and as a team together. 


The rezolvPS 3 stage process enabled leaders, firstly, to clarify together what would delight children.  Using rezolvPS strategic planning process, the leaders then set ambitious challenges for themselves to deliver. 


The final stage of the accelerated process was to build team and personal influence so that the vision could be embraced by all partners and delivered to children and parents in Blackpool.


F.P: “This will enable us to build the partnership working here in Blackpool.” 

G.W: “Challenging, useful strategies – with opportunity to reflect and bring into practice.”

S.L: “Very enjoyable, informative and professionally delivered: will enable us to move the work forward in a wholly focussed way.”  

R.H: “It’s developed my understanding – I’ll use these as a strategy to influence the agenda with key people.” 

N.U: “The programme helps you look at yourself and so bring about changes.”