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What packages of coaching can rezolvPS deliver? At what price?

Many clients like to agree the nature of their coaching - the number of sessions and content to match their aspirations.  If you wish to discuss this with us, please click here.

Many clients opt for a coaching package.  This allows them to plan for a team of people and offers a very cost-effective way to raise performance, 

Package 1: Coaching for Personal Impact

A set of up to 6 coaching sessions of 1.5 hours which focuses upon enabling the individual to perform highly in their role.  Issues include; personal performance in light of company mission and strategy, motivation, relationships, strategic thinking and planning, operational leadership and, where appropriate, governance.  Includes 360 evaluation

Package 2: Coaching for Strategic Impact

A set of up to 8 coaching sessions of 1.5 hours alongside strategic mentoring of specific actions in the company.  The sessions focus upon the strategic impact of leaders across the company and are often conducted hand-in-hand with a specific whole company change initiative.  Issues additional to Personal Impact Coaching include: value redesign; realigning the company; culture change; values and ethics from perspectives of Board or Leadership Team. 

Package 3: Team/Group Coaching
An experienced coach joins a group involved in a specific company initiative. The brief is to leave a legacy within the team and the individuals by building their capability. Focusing on the dynamic of the team in relation to the achievement of the outcome, the coach adds value by helping the team to develop self-awareness and self-management as a team.  They reflect and plan, explore different approaches, solutions, attitudes and relationships, logging their learning and raising achievement. There are normally between 4 and 6 sessions and normally last 1.5 to 3 hours.

Package 1: prices range from £700 to £1,900.
Package 2: prices range from £1,400 to £1950.
Package 3: prices range from £800 to £2500

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Policy Director, Board of Large National Organisation

“You have enabled me to face into and deal with an aspect of myself I have denied for over 20 years.  You have enabled me to look at myself and become me.

Phil Marshall, Consultant Head Teacher, Yorkshire

"Through a process of individual and group coaching, each of these Heads became more effective leaders with a more appropriate set of strategic objectives for their institutions.

The process was rigorous and energising with the right mix of challenge and insight. The Heads all maintained contact with their coaches beyond the contract period and used the approach with their own senior and middle leaders".

Coaching packages that are ambitious, yet realistically priced.

By special arrangement we can conduct coaching via video/skype or telephone.  This can substantially reduce costs for individuals or those businesses on a hard-pressed budget! 

Contact us to discuss the options.  We offer some very competitive packages for small businesses. 


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