rezolvPS coaching

What does rezolvPS coaching deliver?

Our coaching delivers improvements that are durable. To secure this, there must be a change in people's practice, their thinking and above all, in their feeling about things. 

In other words what rezolvPS coaching brings about is:

  • a change of mindset;
  • a change of habits and behaviours;
  • tangible improvements in business practice and outputs.  

What does rezolvPS coaching involve?

The Coaching Process is tailor-made to each person, team, organisation.  It is likely to involve a small number of common elements.  These may include:

  • 360 feedback;
  • motivation and thinking analysis;
  • individual and organisation structured evaluation;
  • personal and organisation ambitioning;
  • strategy mapping;
  • influencing and network analysis;
  • targeting and re-engineering individual and team performance and procedures. 

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Helen Shaw, Head of Community and Learning

"You moved our leadership team forward, transforming us from experts in our own field managing our separate teams into holistic leaders of a service with shared vision and accountability for work across the whole Council."

Chris Lees, Manager, IT, large northern UK business

I have thoroughly enjoyed the coaching process and have been able to use the change it has produced to great effect. Although it has been testing and challenging, and forced me to fight with things I thought were accepted truths I honestly feel more capable of managing my own input and the benefit I bring to my teams and the organisation. It has also enormously helped me to reconcile the impact that my level of input has on my personal life and wellbeing – I would perhaps summarise it as ‘keeping things in perspective while still achieving’.

What packages do we offer?

Coaching is tailor-made to match you.  We offer a range of different packages:

  • Personal Impact Coaching
  • Strategic Impact Coaching
  • Team/group Coaching

We are able to provide the package that best suits you. Contact us to discuss the options.  We offer some very competitive packages for small businesses.

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