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Service: to build community leadership by facilitating leaders from a range of community and professional backgrounds to work together for children and young people


With rezolv change management support, the network groups identified key areas of strategic change that they would deliver across their area – changes which alone were impossible but achievable together. 


The network groups devised approaches which would foster a new culture of joint leadership and a programme of action to deliver the change.  The groups formed a national network who met in national and regional conferences to provide support for each other.



In 20 English regions leaders of schools, the community and other professional backgrounds responded to NCSL’s invitation to build local networks.  The leaders - who had little experience of working with each other - knew they wanted to collaborate to improve the life chances for children and young people but were uncertain how to move forward.



At NCSL’s invitation rezolvprocesses were used to enable network leaders to:

·       identify how they could make a difference for children by working together;

·       clarify understanding of what they wanted to achieve by when - and begin the journey of change;

·       learn from, and contribute to, the other networks across the country;

·       begin to act as a new team to deliver the changes.




Case Studies: National College of School Leadership (NCSL) - building community leadership

Maggie Farrar, Director of NCSL, said of this work with rezolv:


“rezolv’s understanding of the dimensions of community leadership was much appreciated by us. We could not have achieved our objectives in such a complex field without their support.”