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CASE STUDIES: Leadership development and coaching for Chief Exec and Directors, Welsh Language Board  

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Service: analyse needs and deliver leadership development to extend the Board’s ability to influence the use of Welsh across Wales


The Chief Executive was delighted: objectives were more than achieved:

·       “thorough analysis of diverse development needs and recommendations to match these needs;

·       a programme that develops individual leaders to be “world-class”; think as leaders, clear about their own  and their team’s performance;

·       shared clarity over the vision and priorities and strategic focus of the Welsh Language Board Leadership Team.”



With high ambition to extend the use of Welsh, the Welsh Language Board  extended its Leadership Team via internal and external appointments. Members had a varying range of management experience, so a variety of development was necessary. Clarity, too, was required over vision, strategy and role in a complex field where subtle, clear influence was needed.



Using rezolvPS strategic leadership processes, we were able to:

- analyse and review with leaders their development needs - as individuals and as a team;

- propose and gain approval for a two-phase approach to target individual development and build team clarity;

- deliver phase one with a targeted range of executive coaching and team-building sessions;

- build personal and team clarity around future roles and impact;

- clarify future approach to raise the influence of the Board in enriching it service and impact.


Meirion Prys-Jones , Chief Executive, said of this work with rezolvPS:

We achieved so much more than what I had expected as outcomes of this process.  I’ve seen a number of changes in the team as a result.” 


SMT member, speaking of the targeted development process: “You have enabled me to deal with something I’ve been ignoring for over 20 years.”