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An SEN school with a troubled history of poor performance, Green Arbour urgently needed to change.  The LEA had identified the school as “Causing Special Concern” and needed help to build leadership and confidence across the school.  The LEA had used rezolv to build its Children’s Services team and invited rezolv to help this school. 


Using rezolvPS’s strategic development programme and leadership coaching the senior management team built:

·         team clarity about how the school could be for children;

·         commitment to real change;

·         a change programme which would impact fundamentally on children. 

Next, key leaders were involved in a practical programme of change activity and personalised leadership coaching.

The whole school was engaged in an inspiring programme of motivation and relationship building.  Change in the school was brought about by innovative activity designed and led by themselves with specific outcomes for children. 



SERVICE:  A programme of fundamental change for an SEN school which was identified as “Causing Special Concern”


The leadership capability right across the school was transformed, building a legacy for the future.  The school was renamed, no longer Green Arbour but: The Willows. 


The school was soon taken off the “Causing Concern” list and was recognised by the LEA and children as transformed.  It gained top marks in the inspection, too!


OFSTED Inspection 09: “This is an outstanding school. Its improvement has been nothing short of remarkable


Ann Sanderson, head teacher, said of the work with rezolvPS:


“The rezolv work gave me the confidence and the will to make real change happen.  The work with the senior management team was the real foundation; without that we couldn’t have moved on.” 


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